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VM ViSion International

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9190 Stekene, Belgium

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Sharing Resources, Leverages Success


VM ViSion is an integrator, engineering and sales partner, offering services and products in the following fields of interest:

  • Non Destructive Testing

    • RT Radiography (X-Ray)

      • X-Ray generators

      • CR (Computed Radiography)

      • DR (Digital Radiography)

      • In line solutions

      • Digital X-Ray Security solutions

    • XRF Spectroscopy

      • Recycling (metals, glass, wood, paper, ...)

      • PMI : Alloys, Super alloys


      • Precious metals

      • Mining (from exploration to trading ) (Qualitative & Quantitative)

      • Environmental, soil, slurry

      • Packaging Directive                            

      • Fuels, oils, liquids ( preventive maintenance )

      • In line solutions

      • ...

    • XRD X-Ray Diffraction

    • Optical Emission Spectroscopy - low carbon !

    • Identification and detection of Plastics and Additives

  • Consulting, Engineering, Training & Assistance, Maintenance

    • Engineering & System Integration

    • Project Management & In Field Assistance

    • Applications, Procedures

    • Calibrations

    • Training & Workshops

    Starting with our client's requirements and expectations, we plan and execute our projects with their needs in mind, then continuously identify ways to increase the value we bring to them.

Our mission is to understand and meet the needs of our clients by delivering quality, value-added products, services and solutions.


VM ViSion is a member of several professional organisations.

Official partner for the Benelux for Olympus ANI Instruments

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